Carbon-Neutral Contracts (CNCs) seek to match emissions from various activities with offsets to mitigate emissions for typical contracts like real-estate leases, commodity purchases, or insurance policies. They are designed to be executed concurrently with traditional contracting activity (i.e. rider to insurance policies).



Clouds Rest wraps critical commodities  transactions with RECs and/or carbon credits to neutralize consumption- or extraction-related emissions. Clouds Rest-wrapped purchases can be executed across  types:

  • Fuel (per gallon)
  • Electricity (per MWh)
  • Natural gas (per Btus)
  • Other commodities, e.g. rare earths (per ppm)

Real Estate

Carbon-neutral leases are crafted to account for tenant energy consumption and GHG emissions . Utilizing carbon credits and/or renewable energy certificates (RECs), Clouds Rest wraps contracts at multiple scales:

  • Per lease
  • Per building
  • Per square foot


Transport-based emissions can be neutralized  by credits and RECs. Clouds Rest bundles these certificates into quantified transport activities or assets as a targeted environmental strategy:

  • Per mile
  • Per vehicle
  • Air, road, or oceanic

Carbon-Neutral Contract (CNC)



CNCs provide a corporate pathway to carbon neutrality in a frictionless, reliable, and cost-effective manner. We take the assets covered by a traditional insurance policy or real estate lease and model the covered assets’ CO2e footprint on an annual basis. The total amount of annual emissions per CNC is then priced on its cost to mitigate. This mitigation price results in a "green premium" registered at the time of contract execution. Each CNC is furnished as an optional rider to the traditional policy or lease.


We hedge each CNC’s associated emissions through the purchase of carbon credits and renewable energy certificates that represent the proportionate volume of emissions per CNC. These purchases fold into a portfolio that closely aligns with the emissions liability of the CNC (e.g. matched vintage and geography). The portfolio represents all CNCs for that year, which provides diversification and protection for the individual CNC holder against underperforming credits.


Upon contract execution, the CNC holder is provided with a QR code that allows for near real-time monitoring of the mitigation process as credits and certificates are purchased and retired. Supporting documentation can also be provided to the various counterparties on the transaction.

Specific credit/REC geographies are available to match risks.  To price specific CNCs or learn more about Clouds Rest, please contact us at